Why bri+gba*kDADA | sensual photography moments in a parallel world

Why bri+gba*kDADA

the urban fabric

Since I started with photography, I was from start fascinated by form and especially light and how it shaped said form. For several years I worked mainly with urban photography, preferably with themes involving old buildings, graffiti and decay. It was the organic world of walls and dirt meeting deliberate form with street art or hand-manufactured details that was so fascinating.

I would make up a world in my mind and the image was the tiny slice in time between that world and reality in front of the lens. All this time I thought of people photography as a tough and alienating subject. This was somebody else’s world I could peek into but hardly interpret on my own terms. Or so I thought.

the body as a canvas

Stumbling on so many examples though where the body indeed became the canvas, from edgy fashion with elaborate make-up to playful examples of Japanese rope art. So, I decided I wanted to explore beyond this, not necessarily in any sexual concept, just the human body as a form and slowly work my way around it.

parallel worlds & compositions with a flow

The beauty of photography and cinema lies in its ability to portray alternative realities and mind concepts. Since childhood I played out all sorts of “what if” scenarios in my head while observing the world around. Tiny objects that make a difference, poses that contradict, composition that has temp and flow. All these things grew slowly in my imagination and become something that are now central notions when I create anything.

dadaism come back

This site is called bri+gba*kDADA [bringbackdada] after a profile nick I used for fun but also because the art world needs badly another Dadaist movement. The notion of art is on a micro scale defined by a a tiny elite while on a macro scale by extreme utilitarianism. I could write another whole blog on that topic but here we leave it at that.

bri+gba*kDADA is an open space and motives as well as themes will probably change. One things is sure, it will stay as a space for subtle hedonistic photography.

SiG, Berlin, Jan 2017